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ABOUT US ______







Benefits For Children ______

- For children, help in the development of motor coordination, memory, concentration, learning and interpersonal relations, reflecting a better school performance.

Benefits For Adults ______

- For adults, the music reduces stress, providing moments of relaxation and consequent improvement of physical and mental health, and brings unique moments in the company of friends and family.

Music in BEST AGE ______

- And for those who think that the age for learning music has already passed, are wrong. After all, it's no wonder that old age is known as the best age. This is the time to exercise your mind and, for that, nothing better than learning new skills.

our teachers ______


Teacher, arranger, composer and multi-instrumentalist musician, music school director responsible for the company's department of classes D'brohers. Gives classes since 2004, where he was part of faculty of schools and conservatories of the city of São Paulo.

Graduates in music and Master in teaching in higher education, has made works related to music and learning, aiming to show that the importance of music in the process of learning, reasoning, memory, among others, in the pedagogical and andragogical aspects.

Guitarist Member of D`brothers band formed with his brothers, where he works in the field of events, parties and ceremonies throughout São Paulo.

Alessandro Granato ______

Teacher, composer and multi-instrumentalist musician. He began his musical studies in guitar at age 14 in São José dos Campos, São Paulo with’1 Marcelo Lira (Music Educator of EMAK, São José dos Campos, Brazil).

The interest in music and learning other instruments led him, at 19 years, to study Popular Piano & Keyboard in ‘’Melodia’’ school of music with teacher Carlos Magno in São José dos Campos. Between 2004 and 2010 went through several formations of various styles bands (Forro, Reggae, Rock, Pop Rock, Beatles Cover) playing guitar, electric guitar or keyboards in studio recordings, concerts with regional bands and at weddings.

2010 to the present began to devote himself to teach the acoustic/electric and keybord with private lessons at his residence and domicile.

Andressa Parra ______

Singer, began her musical studies at age 14 in Itapecerica da Serra, playing flute in the project ‘’Orquestra jovem’’, besides the ‘’Coral’’ Project, in the same city. She graduated from the technical course of Beethoven Musical Conservatory in popular singing, where she also took classical singing lessons and Popular Piano.

Bachelor on popular singing at the ‘’Faculdade Alcantara Machado’’ (FAAM), currently attends the school musical theater 4 act and makes vocal techniques lessons with opera singer Céline Imbert. Ministers Singing lessons and Musicalization in ‘’Villa Musical’’ and ‘’Centro Musical’’ schools; private lessons in singing, flute and theory. As a singer, performed in ceremonies and wedding parties with Coral Lumen and Ceremonial D'Brothers.

Has participated in advertising jingles, performed in bars and events in general in São Paulo. Recently served as choir member of the ‘’Ópera Colombo’’ in São Pedro theatre in San Pedro, along with the Orchestra of the São Pedro Theater.

Bruno Godinho ______

Bruno Godinho began his studies at age eleven with the guitar teacher Max Ver. He began to devote more to music when he joined the Conservatory Souza Lima, where he had harmony lessons, reading, piano, improvisation and perception with many teachers, such as Pollaco Rafael Bittencourt, Kiko Loureiro, Miguel Laprano, Ana Maria Vieira and many others. Once completed the second grade, he joined the Faculty of Music Alcantara Machado (FAAM / FMU). In this academic environment, he studied harmony, counterpoint, history of music, group practic, analysis, etc., with numerous renowned musicians such as Marisa Ramirez, Sidney Moglina Paul Tiné among others. In the same period, he studied with Valmyr Tavares and Conrado Paulino teachers. Worked between 2001 and 2005 in the magazine Guitar Class (Publisher Talisman). Throughout this period, transcribed numerous songs of various musical genres. Heraldo do Monte, Ricardo Silveira, Greg Howe, Eddie Van Halen, John Petrucci, etc. are some examples of players who have been transcribed by Bruno Godinho. Also journalistic materials were performed with guitarists Michel Leme, Kiko Loureiro, Edu Ardanuy, etc. In this field, has been working also as a freelance transcriber, being hired to transcribe individual songs, methods, books, etc. Ministers guitar tutoring since 2001. Has his own method and handouts, which addresses a variety of subjects such as reading, art, harmony, arrangement, music theory and technique. Has worked in playbacks arrangement, for better performance of their students.

Mia Kay ______

Mia Kay guitarist began playing on stage in São Paulo with 16 years. After going through various cover bands, she was recruited to join the acclaimed group of DJs Female Angels, having the opportunity to travel through Brazil and playing for 50,000 people in Singapore.

Mia began studying classical guitar at the age of 11 and soon fell in love with guitar. She studied with Teachers Monica Agena and Rodrigo Vanni and Marcelo Munari teachers. Since then, she graduated in Communication and traveled to Los Angeles to study Music Business at the Musicians Institute, where he graduated in June 2012.

In 2013, she goes ahead with the electronic music project Animale - which also involved the DJ Lara Light and singer Natalie Bergamo - her female band HEY, LADIES! and the Duo Single Ladies, an acoustic in partnership with the singer Erica Pinna.

Wolfgang Nassif ______

Professional experience:
- Private piano lessons / keyboard, clarinet and music theory
- Piano teacher for two years at the IMB - Musical Institute Bonfiglioli

He began his piano studies at the age of 10, through conservatories and schools mentioned above, at age 18 began his clarinet studies. After that, he played in bands and ensembles with diverse backgrounds, as an integral and free lancer. Also gave and gives residencial private lessons and at schools.

Michel Mix ______

Born in São Paulo on December 21st 1987, began studying music at age 15 doing piano lessons with teacher Metyca. At 18 he joined the Faculty of Arts Alcântara Machado (FAAM) where he began studying popular singing with Tuca Fernandes teacher. Continued his singing studying also at the former ULM (Free University of Music) with teachers Patricia Escobar, Andreia dos Guimarães and Maria Cecilia Baradéu, who is currently studying vocal technique of classical singing.

Participated in projects involving choir, one in the theater Tuca, a Christmas event organized by theater and sung by the choir of FAAM, also attended the Filafro Diversity Choir in 2010 in Pompeii SESC and has starred in the operetta Noel Rosa (Bride Conductor). Other investments in cultural events such as presentations ‘’CÉUS’’ and cultural centers as well as Jingles recordings for movies with the ultimate work in 2011, dubbing the singing of the movie Gulliver's Travels playing the actor Jack Black. Is currently graduated in popular song and ministers çpprivate singing lessons. Besides classes and events is lead singer of D'Brothers that performs in prom parties, birthdays in general, weddings and is lead singer (backing vocals) hired by the band Link'ed, which is the newest bet of Universal Music.

Juliana Bergamini______

Born in the neighborhood of Jaguaré in Sao Paulo, Juliana has always had a very strong contact with music. Since her childhood Juliana was musicalized listening to great references of national and international popular music. At age 11 she began interest in playing drums when t got involved with the church band. Her family did not have much financial resource, so by herself, improved in the national Pop and, at 16, gave drum lessons as a volunteer in the church who participated. The interest in studying music increased when, at age 19, was invited to give drumming lessons in a school of public education. In 2006, completed a Child Musicalization course with Marcia Visconti, teacher of Musical initiation for babies and pregnant women and children's music education for children in ‘’Fort das Artes’’, former director of the old school of music Tom Jobim and coordinator of Music Education in ‘’CÉUS’’ by Vitta Association.

Since then, Juliana started giving private lessons in popular singing with Milena Tarasiuk, currently soloist of the Municipal Theatre of São Paulo. It was also in 2006 that Juliana began participating in a choir facing the Black Music. In 2007, she began to give Child Musicalization classes and Singing in the school where she already gave Percussion lessons.
Currently working in CEUS of Jaguaré (where he worked as a volunteer at the end of 2011) and Anhanguera Park giving lessons For Children by ADEP, an NGOs, and makes the course of Local Development Agent in ‘’Senac 9 de julho’’.

Anna Iris ______

She began her studies in 2004 and officially in 2008 under the baton of Gian Marco Aquino. Was concertmaster of Guri pole Morumbi orchestra. She played in the orchestra of the College Visconde de Porto Seguro House, conducted by Gretchen Miller, the Brazilian Music Orchestra EMESP, Regency Sizão Machado and Youth Orchestra of EMESP, conducted by Enio Antunes, Youth Symphony Orchestra Poa (maestro Sergio Fontana) . Also participated in the International Music Festival in Santa Catarina (FEMUSC). Currently studying with violinist Ney Aguiar, teaches violin lessons, initiated course of contemporary free improvisation in EMESP with professor Dimos Goudaroulis.

Plays at the Youth Orchestra of Mogi das Cruzes, Philharmonic Orchestra of Santo Amaro (conductor Silvia Luizada) and Camerata ADEC (conductor Ivan Bueno)

Kalixto Pereira ______

He began his musical studies with his father who is a composer and singer. He studied piano and singing at the State Conservatory of Music Cora Pavan Caparelli in Minas Gerais where he was also director of the Children and Youth choir and piano teacher and individual corner. He studied piano with Cris Machado and Aracelli Chacon and singing with Edmar Ferretti, Mara Fields and Cora Caparelli. He was conductor of the choir assistant at the Federal University of Uberlândia where he also sang several songs and chamber operas. Has sung in varied repertoire of popular band show with different tones of voice. Sang at the municipal theater of Rio de Janeiro and other states as Ceará, Minas Gerais and São Paulo. Won first place in state competition piano a year after he started his instrument studies.

Today, he is in the last year of degree in music at the Cantareira College and as a teacher, defends the importance of proper methodology in music education. In his classes, prepares customized teaching strategies for each student. Calixto develops a vocal technique work and diction with its own method for those who want to learn to sing or speak in public as journalists, presenters, broadcasters, speakers and teachers. His classes include: breathing exercises; articulation of sounds and speed of pronunciation; volume techniques; Unlock - shyness; control of stuttering; fine tuning; interpretation. Composes classical music, popular and makes arrangements.

Rodrigo ______

Teacher of guitar and keyboard and percussion, teaches music for teens and adults.

Gabriel Bispo ______

He began in music from an early age, having worked in Curitiba scenario since the age of 15, his first contact with music was in the church with the trumpet as this whas his initiation instrument passing a year later to the trombone, instrument given by the College in which he studied and later integrated the College Symphonic Band, Band where he stayed for five years, becoming one of the assistants and head of the trombone suit. In the same period entered to Curitiba MPB Conservatory in Piano course and orchestra practice, becoming one of the monitors of the course. In 2007 formed the jazz quartet ‘’jazz de cozinha’’ performing Brazilian music and jazz where he stayed for one year in 2008. He went to live in São Paulo where he continued his studies at ULM, in the same year is invited by Maestro Paul Tiné to join the Big Band Santa.

He has worked with many musicians and artists including: Jair Rodrigues, Claudia Oliveira, Simoninha, Luciana Mello, Jairzinho, Os Cariocas, Quintet White and Black, Daniel, Marina Elali, Maestro Roberto Sion, Paulo Braga, Little Bustard Machado, Nelson Ayres, Pink steps, Monica Salmaso, Laércio de Freitas, Gilson Peranzetta, Gil Jardim, Léa Freire, Fernando Corrêa, Thiago Costa and Rafael dos Santos and others. He is currently the trombonista of Tom Jobim Youth Orchestra, Fredom Jazz Big Band, Combo Sarará Ensemble and Brazilian Paulo Tiné, and is also a professor of the School of Music ADNIPO.

José Manzoli ______

Music and Vocal Technique - Multy Music Conservatory -Irley Santos (American Corner 8 Years).
Musicalization and Choir - EMESP / Ulm - Ana Beatriz Earth and Ana Paula Plaster (Song Scholar 1 Year)
Choir - Blue Coral - USP - Andre Juarez (4 Years)
Choir - A & B (1 month)

2008 Music teacher until 2014
Artear Project 2008 (Prefecture Tourist office of Embu)
Pao poetry Play and circus Rag Group (Singer)

Handemberg ______

He teaches guitar; keyboard, ukulele, against electric bass, saxophone and clarinet Areas of tutoring since 2004 of acima. Worked in orchestras and symphonic bands, frevo orchestra, samba groups and cry, big band among other musical formations; many weddings and events.

Cesar Avolio ______

Instrumentalist musician and composer.

The 10 years began to be interested in the guitar, and since then never stopped with the instrument. After few years playing pop and rock in concert halls as hell and Outs, decides at age 16 to follow a professional career as a musician and go for a more far-fetched field area.

Since 2010, the year he entered the music school, has been teaching in conservatories and private classes.

Ana Karina Sebastiao ______

Teacher of Bass and keyboard, professional musician, and despite her age, does work as a bass player in the band of the late Globe network program, has in her curriculum several tours and CDs recorded with renowned musicians, is currently touring with Arrigo Barnabé.

CONTACT ______

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Av. Otacílio Tomanik, 370. Sala 08 – Jd. Bonfiglioli, Butantã, SP.
(Blue Building, corner with Buffet Viva Vida).
(Service by appointment only)
Monday to Friday from 9h to 22h, Saturday from 9h to 15h.Phone:55 2478-5304